About Us

Hi. My name is Michael Smith, and this is my company

Over the last 17 years, I have worked every day to grow as far as my talents would take me. What I found was that a huge determinant of success is to be in proximity of other successful people.

Your success will be determined in large by who you choose to spend your time with. That is why working with Newport Capital, LLC is so important. We have a team that understands life is more than money. It’s expertise to navigate difficult and complex business problems.

If you and your company are interested in teaming up with me and my team, then please know that I am super eager to hear from you.

Thanks again for spending time with us, . . . I know your time is valuable.


As CEO of Newport Capital LLC, Michael Smith owns companies in several industry segments. He is positioned to stay on the cutting edge of business, Fintech and providing real value to his partners and clients. At Newport Capital LLC, Michael and his team specialize in wealth management, mezzanine finance, angel investment and commercial property investment.


Our Team

Chelsey Chennoweth


Gary Myers

General Counsel