We Are on a Mission to Build and
Develop Extraordinary Ideas

Newport Capital is on a mission to invest in cutting edge Industries. We partner with
entrepreneurs by providing capital investment and strategic insight to help their company grow!

The magic of smart investing.

Our early investments have been planted firmly in stable sectors that creates cash liquidity. Newport Capital was created and fueled by business development expert Michael Smith. Newport Capital was designed from the bottom up with two goals in mind: to change the world of business, and to help new businesses change the world. Michael and his team of experts are always researching new avenues of smart investing, so they can empower your business to break into the market and come out ahead. 

Need proof?

Check out our current websites and view our firepower.

Las Vegas Media

Las Vegas Media utilizing years of industry experience, technology, and a dynamic and global team to execute everything we do to PERFECTION.

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Our artificial intelligence dialer is the most intuitive and technologically advanced system on the market for outbound and inbound sales and lead generation. Cut your call center costs in half through our AI system, giving your agents more deals to close and less leads to qualify.

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Dexivo is leading the way in Data Acquisition, Data Sales, Big Data Analytics and Audience Profiling. With our help, you can fully utilize big data for your business. Anything is possible in data with the power of Dexivo.

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